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For over fifty years the same basic technology employed in the PROP GUARD™ has been successfully used worldwide by canal boats, river boats and commercial fishing vessels to achieve greater propeller thrust plus substantial fuel savings. Now, after years of research and testing, these same benefits, plus much more, are available to pleasure boat owners at an unbelievably low cost! The PROP GUARD™ is a unique, patent pending propeller guard with no moving parts, no electrical wiring, and no hydraulic hoses. It can easily be installed in minutes with a few basic tools. Propguard is a polycarbonate injection molded 2 part cage that protects your propeller and yourself. The two halves can be bolted onto your cavitation plate with basic tools within half an hour. Lightweight, strong and non-corroding the PropGuard, due to its unique molded design, limits drag and can even improve acceleration and handling as well as offering excellent protection.

  • To Obtain and select the Prop Guard for your boat you must measure the distance from your anti-cavitation plate to the centre of your propeller shaft
  • 110mm - 140mm     9" Prop Guard (Yellow)     Max size propeller 9"
  • 145mm - 154mm     11" Prop Guard (Orange)   Max size propeller 11"
  • 155mm - 165mm     13" Prop Guard (Blue)        Max size propeller 13"
  • 166mm - 190mm     14" Prop Guard (Red)        Max size propeller 14"
  • 200mm - 215mm     16" Prop Guard (Black)     Max size propeller 16"

Please note the new 16" Black model replaces the older 16" White PropGuard. It is stronger, tougher and performs far better at speed with less drag. This is suitable for propellers up to 16" in "DIAMETER" and will be ideal for all outboards 150hp to 300hp. 

To obtain optimum performance out of your motor with the Prop Guard installed, you may need to change your propeller diameter to the maximum propeller sizes as above. The closer the prop blades are to the guard rings, the better the performance, handling and reduction in drag. Your motor will also have to be trimmed to a setting of optimal performance.

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Prop1 Prop Guard (Weight 0.50Kg) 154.50

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