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Ten years after starting the 4-stroke revolution with its award winning DF70 outboard, Suzuki has reinvented this category with the new DF90, DF80 and DF70 - the first of Suzuki's new generation 4-strokes.

 Suzuki's Lean Burn Control Technology enables the engine to operate on a lean air-fuel ratio or a thinner mixture of fuel. The system controls the air to fuel mixture by predicting fuel needs according to operating conditions. It achieves added fuel economy through a reduction of pumping loss. In order to balance fuel efficiency with clean emissions, the system sets up air-fuel ratio taking advantage of the reaction characteristics of exhaust emissions.


  • Better throttle response
  • Increased grip and acceleration
  • Better weight distribution
  • Zero-maintenance self-adjusting timing chain
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Offset driveshaft
  • Over rev limiter
  • Low oil pressure caution
  • Fresh water flushing system
  • Tilt limit system which prevents boat damage which can occur when tilting the engine. The system incorporates a tilt angle sensor that functions as both a tilt limit and trim sender and uses astep free, continuous type limiter that makes installation of the outboard possible on almost any type of boat.
  • High alternator output - 27A alternator designed to generate the bulk of its power at low RPM. These high-output alternators deliver 22A even at a low 1000 RPM. Ideal for keeping an assortment of marine electronics operating all day long.

Smoother gear shifting is offered via a shift sensor monitored by the ECM and controlling the ignition for precise shifting.

New sleek, streamlined gearcase reducing drag by up to 36% compared to conventional designs, contributing to faster acceleration and increased speeds. Thanks to the robust torque delivered with Suzuki's two stage gear reduction, these outboards can turn a large diameter propeller. Suzuki engineered a new highly efficient propeller that takes advantage of this torque to provide faster acceleration and higher top speed.

Pioneered with the first generation DF90, Suzuki's offset driveshaft has played an effective role in reducing the size of the outboard. the design uses intermediate reduction gearing to position the crankshaft in front of the driveshaft, moving the outboards centre of gravity forward for better weight distribution on the transom.

Suzuki's easy start system  no longer requires the ignition key being held until the engine starts. Now simply turn the key and release and the starter will stay engaged until the engine starts. The system also features more precise cylinder detection, fuel injection, and ignition control to deliver smoother and improved starts, more efficient combustion, and greater fuel economy making the outboard more environmentally friendly.


Technical Specifications

  • Engine type - 4 stroke DOHC 16 valve
  • Fuel delivery system - Multi point sequential electronic fuel injection
  • Starting system - Electric
  • No of Cylinders - In-line 4
  • Piston Displacement - 1502cc
  • Bore x Stroke - 75 x 85mm
  • Maximum Output kW - 51.5
  • Full Throttle Operating Range - 5000-6000 rpm
  • Steering - Remote
  • Oil pan capacity - 4.0 litre
  • Ignition System - Fully transistorized
  • Alternator - 12v 27a
  • Engine Mounting - Shear mount
  • Trim Method - Power trim and tilt
  • Gear Ratio - 2.59:1
  • Gear Shift - F-N-R
  • Exhaust - Through prop hub exhaust
  • Drive Protection - Rubber hub
  • Propeller Selection - 3 blade aluminium 13" - 23" pitch
  • This engine can be collected from our premises or delivery arranged subject to cost



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DF70ATL Suzuki DF70ATL (Weight 155.00Kg) 7485.00

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